In 2020 I founded Complex Connexions Community Interest Company, with the purpose of helping other parents struggling around their young person's neurodivergence and/or mental health, to better understand them, to build more positive communication with them and to strengthen family connections

This gives parents confidence in their relationship and in their ability to advocate for their young person and  empowers young people with self-awareness and confidence, to begin to self-advocate too.

My son is diagnosed as ADHD and Autistic.  For many years, as he was referred to various agencies and services, I felt confused, isolated and overwhelmed by a lack of information and professional support. His mental wellbeing, as well as my own and the rest of my family's, suffered.

After a lot of research and learning, I found information that helped me to better understand his neurodivergence, to be able to support his difficulties but also to highlight and celebrate his strengths. This change in my own perspective and response, has helped my whole family immensely and I want to share this with other parents too.

Connection is at the heart of it all, and when we focus on this, everything else becomes a little simpler 🧡


Parenting is tough. 

Parenting a young person who has big emotions, different ways of thinking and challenges our expectations with their responses, can add to these challenges.

Particularly if you don't understand why, or are overwhelmed and what you think you should be doing is not working.  Your young person is anxious and unhappy, you are stressed and your relationship is disconnected.  These connections are complex, the mental wellbeing of the whole family suffers.

You may be searching for support, for your young person.   

We ask you to start with yourself 🧡 

We support you to better understand yourself and then your child, to develop a more empowering, positive style of communication with yourself and then also with them and to restore or rebuild connection, with yourself and with them. This supports you, your young person and the rest of your family.

Mental wellbeing can be prioritised.



To empower parents of neurodivergent young people to understand, communicate and connect with them and to support their whole family's wellbeing


To create a community of parents who are connected to and able to support their neurodivergent young person, whilst prioritising mental wellbeing in their family


To support parents and young people with honesty, integrity and authenticity



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Founder & Managing Director


Volunteer Director


Volunteer Director



Helping you to understand your neurodivergent young person, in order to support their difficulties and celebrate their strengths, whilst also nurturing the mental wellbeing of your family


Supporting you to develop empowering, positive communication with your young person, so that you are confident to advocate for them and can enable them to begin to self-advocate too


Empowering you to strengthen the relationship with your young person, so that this connection makes other issues less complex and is at the heart of all you do