Irlen Syndrome is a visual perceptual difficulty which often shows as sensitivity to light and impairs an individual's ability to read black print on white paper.  It can range from causing mild discomfort to causing severe distortion and physical reactions and so the individual may actually avoid looking at books and other text.  This can obviously severely impact the individual's reading ability and progress.

Irlen Syndrome may occur together with Dyslexia but this is not always the case. The  difficulties are often completely corrected or at least helped by using coloured overlays and/or glasses with coloured lenses.

I offer the initial screening for Irlen Syndrome, which would indicate if it is a likelihood for you and which coloured overlays may help. You then have the option to visit a diagnostician to be tested for lenses which would provide more general daily support.


A screening is a one off in-person appointment with me which lasts 45 - 60 minutes. This includes some questions to find out about reading discomfort and difficulties, some visual tasks to determine any visual perceptual difficulties and an exercise to test different coloured overlays, to see which one or combination of two could be most helpful.

This screening is for children, teens and adults. I ask a parent to accompany a child for their appointment.

The screening costs £50.00 which includes all of the above, a letter confirming what the screening has shown and the coloured overlay/s which have been chosen by you.

Please message me to find out more or to book a screening.