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Collaboration creates success

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

When we collaborate we work together, we truly listen and are willing to adjust our ideas and actions based on what the other person tells us. We build trust and strengthen relationships and connection.

As the parent of a neurodivergent child, it is easy to become isolated. We tend to mask the difficulties our family is experiencing, our confusion and overwhelm as we struggle to understand and support our child in the ways we know how to. When our child perhaps struggles at school and we struggle to work out how to support them, we don't discuss it openly and slowly withdraw from other parents, berating ourselves. We may do the same with extended family who do not understand our child's preferences for food or play and sometimes in our own family, the difficulties mean that we stop communicating with our partner. Feeling isolated, like we're failing our child and losing ourselves, can be crippling.

When we are able to open ourselves up to learn more about our child as an individual, better understand them by becoming curious and resolve to work with them, by listening and being willing to adjust our ideas and actions to remain connected, we build trust and strengthen our relationship. This creates success for them and or us.

But when we open ourselves up to others and begin to collaborate with our partners, other parents who have similar experience and professionals, such as teachers, we can truly listen and learn, expect to be heard and build trust, working together and supporting each other, but most of all supporting our child.

Collaboration can then truly mean success for our child and for ourselves.

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