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Let's change the D's.

The ADHD Foundation wrote: "October is ADHD Awareness month 'Drop the D's-not

disordered, not deficit - but different. Not an error of genetics - simply part of the diversity of

human kind, We are the 1 in 20. Yes, it's impairing- so don't make it any more difficult for us than it is."

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was first named in 1902 by a British paediatrician George Stills who described "an abnormal defect of moral control in children...". He found that some children could not control their behaviour the way a typical child would but they were still intelligent. Thankfully research moved on and understanding with it but in 1987 the term Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder was officially recognised as clinicians acknowledged the challenges with attention, impulse control and hyperactivity. Again more research has been done and understanding has increased and many experts and advocates like the ADHD Foundation today call for it to be seen not as a deficit of attention but as a difficulty in controlling attention and not as a disorder but as recognisable part of diversity with many strengths and skills as well as the struggles.

I think we should think of some new D's - yes we can say it's a difference, it causes difficulties with attention, especially when the task is tedious, it causes difficulties with staying still, difficulties with thinking things through before acting on them and certainly none of these should be minimised as they do cause distress to those with these traits as they try to fit the criteria set up in a neurotypical world, Another D is delightful - sparky, full of passion, able to work tirelessly when there is interest and motivation, brave and determined and definitely, definitely never ever dull!!

Not always easy to parent or teach but absolutely, definitely a blessing.

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