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Help them to advocate for themselves...

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

As the parent of a neurodivergent child, you often find yourself having to advocate on their behalf as they grow up ❤ Sometimes that is to a well-meaning family member with thoughts on how you could do things differently or a less well-meaning member of the public who has very definite opinions on your parenting style! Sometimes it is to your child's teacher and often to a professional in one of the services you are referred to. In order to advocate authentically and successfully you have to know your child well, you have to understand their needs and how best these can be met. What you advocate for is not always typical or popular or widely accepted. You often have to have determination and staying power. But if you know your child and you understand what works for them, then you gain confidence to stop at nothing until you gain the best outcome for them. At some point you realise the importance of helping your child to begin to advocate for themselves. As they grow up and want to be more independent, this becomes more important than ever. But in order to do this, our children need to understand themselves well, know what supports their needs most effectively and be able to communicate this to others. Their connection with us is what initially gives them that confidence to trust in themselves and to ask for support. Understanding, communication and connection... all vital in empowering our young people to advocate most effectively for themselves ❤

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