Founder & Managing Director


I gained a Bachelor of Primary Education in South Africa after I left school and worked there as a teacher for several years I worked as a Teaching Assistant for 11 years in the UK.  My last role was as SEN support in a primary school where I supported the SEN children and their families in various ways.

In January 2020 I gained my certification through Impact Parents to deliver their Sanity School Programme to parents and teachers and roled this out online during the Covid lockdown.  In December 2020 I gained my certification through My Mental Health Rocks to deliver their programme to young people.  Last year I was trained by Julia Harris in her ‘All on Board Families’ Course and I also recently became certified as an NVR- informed practitioner, a Drawing and Talking therapist and an Irlen Syndrome Screener.

My son is diagnosed as ADHD and Autistic so I am, as a parent, always looking to learn about neurodivergence and also mental wellbeing, in order to support him in the best possible way.  Working with neurodivergent young people for many years, I have personally seen the positive difference it makes when the adults are able to better understand these children, can strengthen the connection with them and then work to develop positive strategies to support their difficulties but also to highlight and celebrate their strengths.  

I bring my experience as a parent, educator and course facilitator to Complex Connexions.  I have the understanding of the difficulties that parents and teachers of neurodivergent children often face, but I can attest to the difference that expanding my knowledge and understanding and changing my perspective has made in both those roles. 

I still face many challenges as a parent and and I think this makes me appreciate the difference that support can make.  Mental wellbeing is an integral part of all young people’s lives, but especially those with neurodivergent challenges, who can face additional difficulties and so may be more prone to mental ill health. Their parents may also experience increased anxiety. My son has extreme anxiety and I, myself, have personally experienced mental health difficulties at times.  I think this gives me an understanding of how these children and adults may be feeling and how personal awareness and the opportunity to talk to others in the same situation can provide support.